Reconstructed meshes of Italian Fire Salamander crania (Salamandra salamandra gigliolii)

Segmented crania of 40 individual Italian Fire Salamanders (Salamandra salamandra gigliolii), reconstructed from micro CT scans.
Digital rendering of a salamander cranium mesh file
Still view of the cranium of Italian Fire Salamander specimen BMNH_1852.12.11.64 (Natural History Museum London), reconstructed from a micro CT scan.

For our latest article out this week in the Biological Journal of the Linnean Society, we micro CT scanned 40 individual Italian Fire Salamanders (Salamandra salamandra gigliolii) and segmented their crania from these scans. We’ve deposited all of the reconstructed crania on View the 3D models or download all mesh data for these scans using the link below.

Link to data:

Anne-Claire Fabre
Anne-Claire Fabre

Mammal curator at the Natural History Museum of Bern and leader of the Meta-Morphosis Project.

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