Salamander cranial landmark data

Geometric morphometric data from 148 salamander species collected from high-resolution 3D scans.
Digital rendering of a salamander cranium from lateral view with spheres placed all over to indicate semilandmarks and bone labels
Landmarks and semilandmarks positioned on a salamander cranium.

For two articles we published earlier this year, one in the Biological Journal of the Linnean Society and one in Nature Ecology and Evolution, we collected the most complete morphometric dataset to date for salamander crania: landmark data for 148 salamander species. You can download the entire geometric morphometric dataset as a csv file using the link below.

The csv file includes the entire dataset in the following order: 1) species name in phylogeny, 2) species name in collection, 3) family, 4) life cycle, 5) fine-grained classification of life cycle, 6) locomotion, 7) centroid size, 8-2824) Procrustes coordinates.

Link to data:

Anne-Claire Fabre
Anne-Claire Fabre

Mammal curator at the Natural History Museum of Bern and leader of the Meta-Morphosis Project.

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