Day trip to the Ozarks, Arkansas: Exploring the rich diversity of salamanders in the wild

Photos from our field trip in the Ozarks of Arkansas, where in a single day we encountered more than seven species of salamanders.

Dr. Ronald Bonett’s animal facility has already given us a unique glimpse of the species that inhabit these lands, but nothing compares to observing these creatures in their natural habitat: not only is it picturesque, but it also gives us a better understanding of the ecology associated with the animal.

We went out into the field in the Ozarks, Arkansas. A single day and six different spots were enough to get a glimpse of the region’s richness in salamanders. We encountered more than seven distinct species of salamanders. This diversity rivals, if not exceeds, the number of salamander species found in entire countries such as Switzerland or France.

Isabelle Toussaint
Isabelle Toussaint

PhD student studying morphological and functional variation through ontogeny, the overlap in morphology and function between larvae and adults, and form and function in salamanders.

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